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PhD & MPhil candidates - Linguistics

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Name & emailSupervisor & thesis topic
Cho, Kwang-JuDr Bethwyn Evans, Linguistics  Status of Bantawa dialects and historical reconstruction
Cottet, FannyDr Paul Sidwell, Linguistics  A phonetic and phonological description of Mbaham, a language of West Papua
Döhler, ChristianProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  A Grammar of Kómnjo
Dickson, GregProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  Documentation of Marra
Edwards, OwenDr Mark Donohue, Linguistics  Metathesis in Amarasi
Ginsburg, ElisabethDr Bethwyn Evans, Linguistics  Space in white Hmong
Gosling, KatharineDr Mark Donohue, Linguistics  Language change on the island of Rote, eastern Indonesia
Honeyman, TomProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  A grammar of Momu; a language of Papua New Guinea
Huang, Wei-ChenDr Gwendolyn Hyslop, Linguistics
A Grammar of Puljetji Paiwan
Huang, YishanDr Shunichi Ishihara, Linguistics  An acoustic study of zonal and phonation system of Southern Min
Kashima, EriProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  
Kim, Hyun SuDr Shunichi Ishihara, Linguistics  Interactional use of quotation markers in Korean (-nikka/-nuntay) and Japanese (-tte)
Pingjai, SupawanDr Shunichi Ishihara, Linguistics  A likelihood-ratio based forensic voice comparison in stardard Thai
Senge, ChikakoProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  A grammar of Wanyjirra
Spronck, StefProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  Reported speech and thought in Ungarinyin, a language from the Kimberley Region
Van Tongeren, CharlotteProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  A description of Suki, a language of Papua New Guinea

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