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PhD & MPhil candidates - East Asian studies

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Name & emailSupervisor & thesis topic
Chau, ChristinaProf John Minford, East Asian studies  Translator in the making, with reference to the work of Professor David Hawkes and Professor John Minford in the making of the story of the stone
Cheang, Ka Ian JustinaProf John Minford, East Asian studies  Collective Memory and the History of Macao
Hallett, CatherineDr Roald Maliangkaij, East Asian studies  Music in Kamigata Rakugo
Imaki, JunDr Peter Hendriks, East Asian studies  Anatomy of composition: how are Japanese compositions evaluated?
Kikuchi, RinaDr Carol Hayes, East Asian studies  (Re)assessment of Sagawa Chika (1911-1936) as a doubly marginalised poet
Kositz, BryceProf John Makeham, East Asian studies  The 1911 Revolution in Communist Chinese Propaganda
Lee, NarahDr Duck-Young Lee, East Asian studies  Pragmatic effects of the overt expression of first and second person subjects in modern spoken Korean
Liu, BoDr Yanyin Zhang, East Asian studies  A processing approach to the L2 acquisition of Chinese syntax
Pan, WeizhenDr Shengyu Fan, East Asian studies  Alice in China
Rambeau, LihongDr Shengyu Fan, East Asian studies  The Uneasy Reader: The Use of Hongloumeng in the Teaching of Chinese Language and Culture
Sang, YuProf John Makeham, East Asian studies  Xiong Shili's Philosophy of Change and its Background in the Philosophy of Wang Fuzhi
Tang, XiaofeiDr Yanyin Zhang, East Asian studies  Learnability and Teachability: Review and analysis of English textbooks in schools in China
Tang, Yuen HaDr Shengyu Fan, East Asian studies
The Aesthetics of Chinese Classical Theatre (Kunqu and Jingju)
Wang, XuProf John Minford, East Asian studies  The poetry of Mu Dan (Zha Liangzheung)
Yonezawa, YokoDr Duck-Young Lee, East Asian studies  A study of personal references in Japanese
Zhou, XiaoliProf John Makeham, East Asian studies  The Western Route Army: Concealment and reinvention of a history

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