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PhD & MPhil candidates - Archaeology & natural history

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Name & emailSupervisor & thesis topic
Barham, AnthonyDr Geoffrey Clark, Archaeology & natural history  Late Quaternary Geoarchaeology of the Torres Strait Islands, NE Australia
Burrows, MarkDr Simon Haberle, Archaeology & natural history  A new late Quaternary palaeohydrological record for the Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland, Australia
Carpenter, JonathonDr Geoffrey Clark, Archaeology & natural history  The archaeology of the Ruapekapeka Campaign 1845-46: Colonial expansion and colonial identity in conflict
Chin, HahjungDr Simon Haberle, Archaeology & natural history  Reconstructing forest-grassland dynamics in Tasmania during the Holocene
Cooke, HelenDr Sally Brockwell, Archaeology & natural history  Archaeology Beyond Compliance
Gomez, JosueProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  Landscape history in the Kimberleys, WA. Over 40,000 years of human presence
Harrington, JulietteDr Simon Haberle, Archaeology & natural history  Late Holocene sea level change in the Indian Ocean and the implications for human maritime migration in the region
Hawkins, StuartDr Stuart Bedford, Archaeology & natural history  Human impact and subsistence change: The terrestrial ecology in Vanuatu prehistory
Hopf, FelicitasDr Simon Haberle, Archaeology & natural history  Palaeonenvironmental change in the Lake St Clair area, Tasmania
Jones, TristenProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  Disentangling the styles and chronologies of North Australian rock-art
Keaney, BenDr Simon Haberle, Archaeology & natural history  Bogong Moth Aestivation Sites: A Pioneering Archive for Understanding the Floral, Faunal and
Litster, MiraniDr Geoffrey Clark, Archaeology & natural history  The archaeology of the Maldives indicating evidence of early human colonisation
Maloney, TimProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  Lithic technology in the Kimberley: reduction based analyses of changing technological investment
McClean, NicholasProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  Rethinking cultural heritage - culture and nature in the Australasian region: a multi-media project
O Foghlu, Billy Dr Sally Brockwell, Archaeology & natural history  Mounds of the North: Discerning the relationship between earth mounds and shell mounds in North Australia
Seikel, KatherineDr Geoffrey Clark, Archaeology & natural history  Prehistoric socio-political structure on Pohnpei - perspectives from mortuary architecture
Sporcic, KatarinaDr Matthew Prebble, Archaeology & natural history  Investigation of heat retainer hearths in arid north, South Australia
Tan, NoelProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  The Rock Art of Kulen Mountain, Cambodia
Theden-Ringl, FenjaProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  An archaeological and palaeo-environmental investigation into prehistoric occupation and economies in the southeast highlands of Australia
Ussher, EllaDr Geoffrey Clark, Archaeology & natural history  Agricultural development in Tongan Prehistory: An archaeobotanical perspective
Wesley, DarylProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  Baijini, Macassans, Balanda and Bininj: Defining the Indigenous past of Arnham Land through culture contact
Whitau, RoseProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  Archaeological wood charcoal as a proxy for late Quaternary vegetation change in the Kimberley, Western Australia
Winter, OlafDr Geoffrey Clark, Archaeology & natural history  Colonization of the Mariana Islands and its implications for Indo-Pacific prehistory
Youngblutt, SarahDr Judith Cameron, Archaeology & natural history  Contextualizing the iconography, inscriptions and monuments of Champa and Chenla within the 5th-8th century

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