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PhD & MPhil candidates

Name & emailSupervisor & thesis topic
Alasia, SamProf Brij Lal, Pacific & Asian history  Weaving waves on land: Political parties and governance in the Solomon Islands
Alston, DaneDr Benjamin Penny, China in the world  The fettered path to Yangch on: Fact and fabrication in representations of the life and thought of Kwon Kun (1352-1409)
Alves, Marcelo Dr David McKendrick,  Networks in International Business: The experience of Expatriate Merchants in East Asia
Assegaf, UmarDr Andrew McWilliam, Anthropology  TBA
Barham, AnthonyDr Geoffrey Clark, Archaeology & natural history  Late Quaternary Geoarchaeology of the Torres Strait Islands, NE Australia
Bell, MarkusDr Andrew Kipnis, Anthropology  Imagining 'Us' Above and Beyond Borders: An account of the emerging North Korea Diaspora in Northeast Asia
Bichard, ValerieDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  60 degrees South: A conceptual dialogue between Oceania and Antarctica
Black, PhilippaDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  New Caledonian Nickel Industry, 1873 - 1918
Burrows, MarkDr Simon Haberle, Archaeology & natural history  A new late Quaternary palaeohydrological record for the Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland, Australia
Cameron, LindsayDr Vicki Luker, Pacific & Asian history  The Convergence of British and American Methodism in the South Pacific Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church
Carpenter, JonathonDr Geoffrey Clark, Archaeology & natural history  The archaeology of the Ruapekapeka Campaign 1845-46: Colonial expansion and colonial identity in conflict
Carroll, MatthewDr Wayan Arka,  A Grammar of Kanum
Casas, RogerDr Philip Taylor, Anthropology  Transforming the sacred self: Buddhist monastic discipline, morality, and the production of locality among the Tai Lue of Sipsong Panna (P.R. China)
Chau, ChristinaProf John Minford, East Asian studies  Translator in the making, with reference to the work of Professor David Hawkes and Professor John Minford in the making of the story of the stone
Che, Wai LamDr Campbell Duncan,  Robert Morrison's Dictionary of the Chinese language cultural lexicography: tradition and Innovation
Cheang, Ka Ian JustinaProf John Minford, East Asian studies  Collective Memory and the History of Macao
Chen, LiangDr Andrew Kipnis, Anthropology  How do migrants adapt to city life?
Chin, HahjungDr Simon Haberle, Archaeology & natural history  Reconstructing forest-grassland dynamics in Tasmania during the Holocene
Cho, Kwang-JuDr Bethwyn Evans, Linguistics  Status of Bantawa dialects and historical reconstruction
Chua, Wei BoonProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  Singapore - US relations in the 1960s and 70s
Cody, SachaDr Andrew Kipnis, Anthropology  Risk, food safety and urban agriculture in Shanghai, China
Cone, TiffanyDr Andrew Kipnis, Anthropology  Charismatic embodiment and the role of a Sufi order in a Chinese Muslim community
Connelly, AndrewDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  Indigenous and Colonial Historicities in the Trobriand Islands
Cooke, HelenDr Sally Brockwell, Archaeology & natural history  Archaeology Beyond Compliance
Cottet, FannyDr Paul Sidwell, Linguistics  A phonetic and phonological description of Mbaham, a language of West Papua
Croft, AdamProf Tessa Morris- Suzuki,  The image of the Samurai in popular media during the Taisho (1912 - 1926)
Döhler, ChristianProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  A Grammar of Kómnjo
Damaledo, AndreyDr Andrew McWilliam, Anthropology  The identity of the East Timorese in West Timor, Indonesia
De Lisle, AndrewProf Li Narangoa, Pacific & Asian history  Sub-imperialism of the Japanese government-general of Korea, 1910-1931
Di Rosa, DarioDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  Remembering the colonial past today. History and historicities of Kerewo people (Gulf Province, PNG)
Dickson, GregProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  Documentation of Marra
Dillon, HarryDr Assa Doron, Anthropology  The Media Village: Indian Media Mainstream Representations of Development Options for the Nation's Non-Urban Communities
Dilokvidhyarat, TamthaiDr Craig Reynolds,  The State Collection of Information on the Population in Thailand 1892 to 1932
Dobson, GraemeDr Andrew McWilliam, Anthropology  Pre-European Aquaculture in Northeren Australia
Dong, XuanProf Andrew Kipnis, Anthropology  Shaolin Martial Arts Education in China
Downes, MeghanProf Ariel Heryanto, Gender, media & cultural studies  Tradition and modernity: Negotiating constructed binaries in Indonesian popular culture
Dyt, KatieDr Tana Li, Pacific & Asian history  Vietnamese History
Edwards, OwenDr Mark Donohue, Linguistics  Metathesis in Amarasi
Eliyanah, EviProf Ariel Heryanto, Gender, media & cultural studies  Cinematic Representations of Contemporary Indonesian Masculinity
Fachruddin, FaridProf Kathryn Robinson, Anthropology  Beyond authenticity in Bugis-Makassar Islam of contemporary Eastern Indonesia: An anthropology of Muslim societies
Farrelly, PaulDr Ben Penny,  New religious movements and religious innovation: the flow of religious and spiritual ideas from Taiwan to China
Foukona, JosephDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  Land reform before and after independence in Melanesia: Solomon Island, PNG and Vanuatu
Gamble, RuthProf John Powers, S&SE Asian languages and cultures  Traveling Songs: the Third Karmapa's Tibetan acculturation of the Indian doha tradition
Gidley, RebeccaProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  Delayed prosecutions before the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia and Bangladesh's International Crimes Tribunal
Ginsburg, ElisabethDr Bethwyn Evans, Linguistics  Space in white Hmong
Godfrey, GaryDr Andrew McWilliam, Anthropology  Being Christian in Eastern Indonesia
Gomez, JosueProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  Landscape history in the Kimberleys, WA. Over 40,000 years of human presence
Gosling, KatharineDr Mark Donohue, Linguistics  Language change on the island of Rote, eastern Indonesia
Guoth, NicholasDr Tana Li, Pacific & Asian history  Conduits and connections between Hong Kong and Australian Chinese merchants, 1860-1880
Ha, Viet QuanDr Philip Taylor, Anthropology  Relations between minority and majority: The ethnic minority cadres networks in the state of Vietnam
Halim, WahyuddinProf Kathryn Robinson, Anthropology  Pesantren As'adiyah and socio-cultural transformation in South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Hallett, CatherineDr Roald Maliangkaij, East Asian studies  Music in Kamigata Rakugo
Halter, NicholasProf Brij Lal, Pacific & Asian history  Australian travel writing about the Pacific islands from 1880-1940
Hammer, MathiasProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  Land Conflict and Political Violence in Indonesia During the 1960's
Hanchapola Appuhamilage, UdeniProf Alan Rumsey, Anthropology  Thinking, sensing, feeling, or just being? A cultural study on the meaning and communication
Harrington, JulietteDr Simon Haberle, Archaeology & natural history  Late Holocene sea level change in the Indian Ocean and the implications for human maritime migration in the region
Hawkins, StuartDr Stuart Bedford, Archaeology & natural history  Human impact and subsistence change: The terrestrial ecology in Vanuatu prehistory
Heinzmann, LenaProf Alan Rumsey, Anthropology  The construction of Muslim identity in Berlin
Herawati, ErnaProf Kathryn Robinson, Anthropology  Warga Peduli Aids: A Community Based Organisation for HIV and Aids in Bandung, Indonesia
Hewett, RosalindProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  Indos (Eurasians) in Indonesia since 1949
Hoenigman, DarjaProf Alan Rumsey, Anthropology  Language variation and social identity in Kanjimei, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea
Homerang, JennyDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  The role of 'Malagan' mortuary rite ceremonies in managing customary land rights of the Nalik-speaking people of Northern New Ireland
Honeyman, TomProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  A grammar of Momu; a language of Papua New Guinea
Hongsaton, PreedeeProf Peter Jackson, Gender, media & cultural studies  Transitions in Thai Leisure Culture: 1830s-1950s
Hopf, FelicitasDr Simon Haberle, Archaeology & natural history  Palaeonenvironmental change in the Lake St Clair area, Tasmania
Howe, BrianDr Assa Doron, Anthropology  Rationalist and People's Science Movements in Kerala, South India
Huang, Wei-ChenDr Gwendolyn Hyslop, Linguistics
A Grammar of Puljetji Paiwan
Huang, YishanDr Shunichi Ishihara, Linguistics  An acoustic study of zonal and phonation system of Southern Min
Hughes, KirrileeProf Ariel Heryanto, Gender, media & cultural studies  Australia's Asia Literacy: Knowledge to serve what ends?
Hurle, RobertDr Tana Li, Pacific & Asian history  Mobilising People in the Viet bac: How did the Vietnamese leaders harness People Power to end French colonialism?
Hutagalung, StellaProf Kathryn Robinson, Anthropology  Reproducing Islamic religious traditions in Kupang
Iacobelli, PedroProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history  Okinawan migration to Latin America in the 1950s
Imaki, JunDr Peter Hendriks, East Asian studies  Anatomy of composition: how are Japanese compositions evaluated?
Irwansjah, AthaliaProf Hyaeweol Choi, Gender, media & cultural studies   English Education in South Korea
Jiaviriyaboonya, PoonnatreeDr Philip Taylor, Anthropology  
Jones, MarkProf Brij Lal, Pacific & Asian history  Social and cultural change in the Indian Himalayan region of Kumaon. The 'mushrooming' of English-medium schools
Jones, TristenProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  Disentangling the styles and chronologies of North Australian rock-art
Kashima, EriProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  
Keaney, BenDr Simon Haberle, Archaeology & natural history  Bogong Moth Aestivation Sites: A Pioneering Archive for Understanding the Floral, Faunal and
Kikuchi, RinaDr Carol Hayes, East Asian studies  (Re)assessment of Sagawa Chika (1911-1936) as a doubly marginalised poet
Kim, Hyun SuDr Shunichi Ishihara, Linguistics  Interactional use of quotation markers in Korean (-nikka/-nuntay) and Japanese (-tte)
Knapman, GarethProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  Land and sovereignty in 19th century British Southeast Asia
Kobepa, NikoDr Arka Wayan,  A Grammar of Me, a Papuan language of Western New Guinea
Koleilat, LinaDr Thomas Du Bois, Pacific & Asian history  
Kositz, BryceProf John Makeham, East Asian studies  The 1911 Revolution in Communist Chinese Propaganda
Lacrampe, SebastienDr Wayan Arka,  A grammar of Lelepa
Lamijo, Dr Tana Li, Pacific & Asian history  TBA
Lasuka, PasootProf Peter Jackson, Gender, media & cultural studies  The remakings of national identity in Thai biopics after 1997
Latai, LatuProf Margaret Jolly, Gender, media & cultural studies  A History of Samoan (LMS) Missionary Wives in the Evangelisation of the Western Pacific from 1839 to 1975
Lawrence, KelvinDr Ronit Ricci, Gender, media & cultural studies  Malay Thought at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: And the Music Plays On?
Lawrence, Salmah-EvalinaDr Katherine Lepani, Gender, media & cultural studies  Speaking for ourselves - Matriliny, gender and Kwati society
Layton, KellyProf Geremie Barme, China in the world  A Cultural History of Dust in Beijing
Le, Hoang Anh ThuDr Philip Taylor, Anthropology  Personhood, community and Buddhist practice among elderly lay Buddhists in Ho Chi Minh City
Le Hoang, Ngoc YenDr Philip Taylor, Anthropology  The social and Cultural Construction of Leprosy in Vietnam
Leach, TimothyDr Kathy Lepani,  Promoting Human Rights through development aid: Australian-funded HIV and sexual health programs in PNG and the Pacific
Leary, Danton Dr Tomoko Akami, Pacific & Asian history  Performing the Sacred Trust - A Comparative Study of Japan and Australia's Experience with the League of Nations Mandates System
Lee, MinseonProf Hyaeweol Choi, Gender, media & cultural studies  The Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Encounters between Korean Villagers and North American Missionaries in an Early Protestant Community in the Late 19th Century Korea
Lee, NarahDr Duck-Young Lee, East Asian studies  Pragmatic effects of the overt expression of first and second person subjects in modern spoken Korean
Lethbridge, Orion,   Korean literature in classical Chinese
Li, GengDr Andrew Kipnis, Anthropology  Popular divinatory practice in urbanizing China
Lio, AsrunProf Kathryn Robinson, Anthropology  Identities: A case study in Routa sub district, Konawe regency, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia (mining project area of Rio Tinto)
Litster, MiraniDr Geoffrey Clark, Archaeology & natural history  The archaeology of the Maldives indicating evidence of early human colonisation
Liu, BoDr Yanyin Zhang, East Asian studies  A processing approach to the L2 acquisition of Chinese syntax
Lubcke, AntjeDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  The Visual Conception of New Guinea on the Eve of Settlement
Makhasin, LuthfiDr Greg Fealy,  The Politics of Contending Piety: Struggle for Post-Islamist Activism in Indonesia
Maloney, TimProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  Lithic technology in the Kimberley: reduction based analyses of changing technological investment
Mariner, Nicola Dr Bronwen Douglas,  William Mariner: Life, history and Polynesian legacy
McCarthy, AnnieDr Assa Doron, Anthropology  Investigating the telling of 'traditional' stories to contemporary Indian children
McCartney, PatrickDr McComas Taylor, S&SE Asian languages and cultures  Sanskrit, power and hierarchy in a Gujarati ashram
McClean, NicholasProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  Rethinking cultural heritage - culture and nature in the Australasian region: a multi-media project
McDonnell, SiobhanDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  Maintaining a Customary Basis in Property Rights to Land: Lessons from Vanuatu
Metuamate, AretiProf Margaret Jolly, Gender, media & cultural studies  George Tupou V: The Tongan, the Christian, the King
Mishra-Vakaoti, VanishaProf Brij Lal, Pacific & Asian history  In and out of school: The realities of education in Fiji
Mistica, MeladelDr Wayan Arka,  The sublexical domain in Indonesia: A computational linguistic approach
Mitchell, PaulDr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history  
Mokui, FitrilaihlahDr Andrew McWilliam, Anthropology  Community strategies to cope with health impact of mercury toxicity from Artisanal and Small Scale Mining (ASM) activities in Gorontalo Region (Sulawesi, Indonesia)
Myutel, MariaProf Ariel Heryanto, Gender, media & cultural studies  Media representation of Indian diaspora in Indonesia
Ng, Tze ShiungProf Anthony Milner,  British conceptions of wealth and property in the East Indies and their influence on the governance and constitution of early Peninsula society, 1807-1824
Nguyen, Thy Tan LanDr Philip Taylor, Anthropology  Code choice in Vietnamese community in Sydney
Nomura, HarukaProf Li Narangoa, Pacific & Asian history  Reshaping the world from Shanghai
Nuttall, RuthProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  Timor-Leste: 2006 Crisis
O Foghlu, Billy Dr Sally Brockwell, Archaeology & natural history  Mounds of the North: Discerning the relationship between earth mounds and shell mounds in North Australia
Paik, Yon JaeProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history  
Pan, WeizhenDr Shengyu Fan, East Asian studies  Alice in China
Pancaningtyas, NugraheniProf Kathryn Robinson, Anthropology  Electoral System, Gender Quotas and Women's Representation in Indonesia
Park, ChrisProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history  Korean Diasporic Social Movements: From the Long-distance Nationalism to the Transnational Identity
Park, Hea-JinProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history
South Korean Government-sponsored Agricultural Emigration to South America
Pawson, SimonDr Paul D'Arcy, Pacific & Asian history  Community development and tourism in emerging economies: A case study of Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia
Pidani, OmarDr Andrew McWilliam, Anthropology  "Silence is no longer golden": An Ethnography of Informal 'Gold Digging' in Contested Upland of Bombana District Indonesia.
Pingjai, SupawanDr Shunichi Ishihara, Linguistics  A likelihood-ratio based forensic voice comparison in stardard Thai
Pinthongvijayakul, VisisyaDr Philip Taylor, Anthropology  Memory, Identity, and Power: A Subnational Practice of Spirit Mediumship in Northeast Thailand
Posrithong, NatanereeProf Peter Jackson, Gender, media & cultural studies  Representations of elite women in early modern Siam
Puas, GonzagaDr Paul D'Arcy, Pacific & Asian history  Micronesian engagement with the outside world: Control, self-preservation, identity
Racines, MisaelDr Paul D'Arcy, Pacific & Asian history  Trade, Traders and the State at the Philippine-Indonesian Border
Rambeau, LihongDr Shengyu Fan, East Asian studies  The Uneasy Reader: The Use of Hongloumeng in the Teaching of Chinese Language and Culture
Richardson, Lauren,   Reshaping Japan-Korea Relations: Transnational Activist Networks and the Politics of Restitution.
Ringpapontsang, TenzinProf John Powers, S&SE Asian languages and cultures  Advice to the King: An analysis of the Tibetan Lama 'Phags Pa's advice to Khubilai Khan
Rose, MichaelDr Andrew McWilliam, Anthropology  Magic and Modernity among the Meto: imagining a past, envisaging a future and negotiating the global in Timor Leste's Oecussi Enclave
Sanderson, DanielProf Geremie Barme, China in the world  Han Suyin and the Glamour of Revolution
Sang, YuProf John Makeham, East Asian studies  Xiong Shili's Philosophy of Change and its Background in the Philosophy of Wang Fuzhi
Sawaki, YusufDr Wayan Arka,  A descriptive grammar of Wooi, an Austronesian language of Yapen Island, Western New Guinea
Schuetze, CatherineProf John Powers, S&SE Asian languages and cultures  Ethnoveterinary medicine of Tibetan cultural areas of Central Asia
Seikel, KatherineDr Geoffrey Clark, Archaeology & natural history  Prehistoric socio-political structure on Pohnpei - perspectives from mortuary architecture
Senge, ChikakoProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  A grammar of Wanyjirra
Seo, Bo KyeongDr Philip Taylor, Anthropology  Politics of Care and Universal Health Coverage in Thailand
Shahrir, RuhanProf Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history  From Malay Nationalism to Malaysian Nationalism: Bangsa in motion
Sila, AdlinProf Kathryn Robinson, Anthropology  Being Muslim in Bima (West Nusa Tenggara) Eastern Indonesia: Practices, politics and cultural diversity
Sos, FaribDr Philip Taylor, Anthropology  Ethnic Chinese in Cambodia
Sporcic, KatarinaDr Matthew Prebble, Archaeology & natural history  Investigation of heat retainer hearths in arid north, South Australia
Spronck, StefProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  Reported speech and thought in Ungarinyin, a language from the Kimberley Region
Suryana, A'anProf Ariel Heryanto, Gender, media & cultural studies  Limits to freedom of religion or belief in the post-Soeharto Indonesia: State and Islamist violence
Suva, CesarDr Paul D'Arcy, Pacific & Asian history  Fanatics? Leonard Wood, the Tausag and American Imperialism at the Bud Dajo Massacre of 1906
Takahashi, ShinProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history  Reconsidering local autonomy in the Post-war East Asia: Arasaki Moriteru and the meaning of anti-base movements in the Post WWII Okinawa
Tamaira, MarataProf Margaret Jolly, Gender, media & cultural studies  Visual Sovereignty and Indigenous Countervisuality: Picturing Contemporary Kanaka Maoli Art Practice in Hawai'i
Tan, NoelProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  The Rock Art of Kulen Mountain, Cambodia
Tang, XiaofeiDr Yanyin Zhang, East Asian studies  Learnability and Teachability: Review and analysis of English textbooks in schools in China
Tang, Yuen HaDr Shengyu Fan, East Asian studies
The Aesthetics of Chinese Classical Theatre (Kunqu and Jingju)
Taufik, YaniProf Kathryn Robinson, Anthropology  Livelihood sustainability: A case study in Routa sub district, Konawe regency, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia (Minning project area of Rio Tinto)
Temur, GesarProf John Powers, S&SE Asian languages and cultures  Filling the Void: An examination of the revival of Buddhism in Contempory Mongolia
Thai Huynh Phuong, LanDr Philip Taylor, Anthropology  Negotiating In Interethnic Marriage: A Case Study of Khmer and Kinh Couples in Vietnam
Theden-Ringl, FenjaProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  An archaeological and palaeo-environmental investigation into prehistoric occupation and economies in the southeast highlands of Australia
Tian, MoProf Li Narangoa, Pacific & Asian history  Propaganda and ideology construction of Manchukuo, through the case of Manchuria Concordia Society
Ton-That, Quynh-DuProf Li Narangoa, Pacific & Asian history  The cultural heritage of the city of Hue, Vietnam
Tu, Kan-LunDr Katerina Teaiwa, Gender, media & cultural studies  The Transformation of Traditional Canoe Usage in Taiwan and the Pacific
Ussher, EllaDr Geoffrey Clark, Archaeology & natural history  Agricultural development in Tongan Prehistory: An archaeobotanical perspective
Van Tongeren, CharlotteProf Nick Evans, Linguistics  A description of Suki, a language of Papua New Guinea
Vyas Pare, ShvetalDr Meera Ashar, Pacific & Asian history  Becoming India: Contingent Regional and National Identities
Wang, XuProf John Minford, East Asian studies  The poetry of Mu Dan (Zha Liangzheung)
Weedall, ChristopherDr Wayan Arka,  A Grammar of Sajolong (Miji)
Wesley, DarylProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  Baijini, Macassans, Balanda and Bininj: Defining the Indigenous past of Arnham Land through culture contact
Whimp, GraemeDr Bronwen Douglas,  Writing the Pacific: Early Polynesian Society Ethnographers and their Representations of the Pacific
Whitau, RoseProf Susan O'Connor, Archaeology & natural history  Archaeological wood charcoal as a proxy for late Quaternary vegetation change in the Kimberley, Western Australia
Whitney, Younghye Seo,   
Winter, OlafDr Geoffrey Clark, Archaeology & natural history  Colonization of the Mariana Islands and its implications for Indo-Pacific prehistory
Wuqiriletu, Prof Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history  
Yonezawa, YokoDr Duck-Young Lee, East Asian studies  A study of personal references in Japanese
Youngblutt, SarahDr Judith Cameron, Archaeology & natural history  Contextualizing the iconography, inscriptions and monuments of Champa and Chenla within the 5th-8th century
Zhong, XueqingProf Li Narangoa, Pacific & Asian history  Compiling a Western Yugur-English-Chinese Dictionary: Lexicography in practice and theory
Zhou, XiaoliProf John Makeham, East Asian studies  The Western Route Army: Concealment and reinvention of a history
Zhu, Yayun Prof Geremie Barme, China in the world  Nanjing in Late-Ming and Early-Qing China
Zhu, ZhuDr Timothy Hassall, S&SE Asian languages and cultures  Acquisition of English Pragmatics by Chinese students living in Australia

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