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Research Associates

Name & emailSponsor & area of research
Alexander, Jennifer Prof Kathryn Robinson  Applied anthropology and economic development, comparative trading practices, and natural and human resource management throughout Southeast Asia.
Ambrose, Wal Prof Susan O'Connor  The analysis of 2-3000 year-old Oceanic ceramic ornamentation for deriving and relating the development of related technologies within a range of culturally valuable artefacts. The use of laboratory replication and macroscopic examination for revealing ceramic ornamentation techniques.
Aplin, KennethProf Susan O'Connor  
Baiying, BorjiginProf Li Narangoa  
Bexley, AngieProf Kathryn Robinson  
Brewer, CarolynProf Margaret Jolly  
Bulbeck, DavidProf Simon Haberle  
Burton, JohnDr Matt Prebble  
Dragojlovic, AnaDr Alan Rumsey  Critical migration and diaspora studies, gender and sexuality studies, postcolonial and critical race studies, transnational aesthetics, and the social production of historical memory, particularly between Asia and Europe.
Dutta, ShibuDr Barbara Nelson  
Ellison, MarkProf Nick Evans  Laureate Project: The Wellsprings of Linguistic Diversity
Francois, AlexandreProf Nick Evans  Phonological systems and sound change; typology of polysemy and lexical semantics; pragmatics of face-to-face conversation; historical linguistics; language geography and areal phenomena; verbal art, folkloristics, ethnomusicology.
Funston, JohnProf Robert Cribb  
Gerde, MurryProf Nick Evans  Laureate Project: The Wellsprings of Linguistic Diversity
Greenbaum, Jamie Dr Tana Li  China.
Higuchi , Wakako Dr Chris Ballard  The Japanese military's pre-war and wartime policies with special emphasis on civil administration through the South Seas Bureau and by the Japanese Navy to elucidate the whole picture of total war in the Central Pacific Islands: Micronesia, Indonesia and New Guinea.
Ileto, ReyProf Ken George  
Itani-Adams, Yuki (Jun)Prof Li Narangoa  
Jeffcott, ColinDr McComas Taylor   The social and economic history of China (especially, during the Song Dynasty period), in Neo-Confucian philosophical history, and, in the comparative social history of Japan and China.
Johnson , Wally Dr Chris Ballard   PNG/Pacific
Johnston , Ewan Dr Paul D'Arcy  Pacific
Johnston , RayProf Nick Evans  
Kalyan , Siva Prof Nick Evans  Cognitive Grammar, Historical Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Articulatory Phonetics.
Kamminga, Johan Dr Simon Haberle  
Kennedy , Jean Isabel Prof Susan O'Connor  Archaeology & Natural History.
Kinoshita, YukoDr Shunichi Ishihara  
Kobayashi, YasukoProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki  
Langley, Michelle
Lindsay, JenniferAriel Heryanto   
Macphail , Mike Dr Simon Haberle  
Martin , Brian Prof John Makeham  
Mcgowan, BarryDr Tana Li  
Miller, GeorgeProf Robert Cribb  Southeast Asia
Monfries, JohnProf Robert Cribb  Indonesia
Niles, Don Dr Alan Rumsey  
Osmond, MeredithProf Nick Evans  Pacific & Reconstructing Proto Oceanic
Petrov, LeonidProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki   Korea
Ponsonnet, MaiaProf Nick Evans  The language of emotions in Dalabon (Northern Australia)
Price, SusannaProf Kathryn Robinson   Korea
Priestley, CarolProf Nick Evans  Topics in the grammar and semantics of Koromu, PNG.
Proske, UlrikeDr Simon Haberle,  Geological and environmental history of coastal ecosystems and adjacent wetlands.
Quinn, PeterMary Kilcline Cody  Cambodia: Human Security and development; post conflict State-building; Governance and decentralisation; History and politics.
Rao, AnanthDr McComas Taylor   
Rose, PhilDr Shunichi Ishihara  
Schokkin, Gerda (Denike)Prof Nick Evans  Laureate Project: The Wellsprings of Linguistic Diversity
Scott, AmandaShun Ikeda  Language policy and language planning, Community/local language maintenance, Language learning in primary schools, Literacy and academic writing.
Shepherd, ChristopherDr Andrew McWilliam  The anthropology of development; social studies of science and technology; postcolonial studies; Latin American studies; Asian studies.
Standish, WilliamDr Chris Ballard  PNG/Pacific.
Tamura, KeikoProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki  Australia-Japan relationship; Japan in Australian moving images; women and migration; expatriates in Japan; war and memory.
Tanji, MiyumeProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki  Community Development and the US Military Presence in Okinawa and Guam.
Terrell , Jennifer Anne Dr Chris Ballard  Journal of Pacific History.
Welch, IanProf Robert Cribb,   Christian Missions to the Chinese in Australia; the work of the Church Missionary Society and the Church of England Zenana Missionary Society in Fukien Province, China; the Anglican Church in China (Sheng Kung Hui); Australian Missionaries in China; Australian missionary history.
Winter, ChristineProf Tessa Morris-Suzuki,  Pacific.
de Crespigny, RafeProf John Minford  Chinese history, geography and literature of the Han period and of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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