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Past PhD research

ResearcherYearChair of panel & thesis title
Ando, Takemasa2010Prof Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history
Japanese new left movements and their legacy for civil society
Ansori, Siaan2013Anthony Milner
A comparative analysis of approaches to public policy in Australia and Malaysia
Baker, Brett Charles2012Prof Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history
Indigenous-driven mission: reconstructing religious change in sixteenth-century Maluku
Capili, Jose Wendell P.2007Prof Brij Lal, Pacific & Asian history
Migrations and mediations: the emergence of Southeast Asian diaspora writers in Australia, 1972-2006
Cheah, Boon Kheng1978Prof Anthony Reid
A contest for postwar Malaya: social conflict, August 1945-March 1946
Chulanont, Panpa-nga2010Prof Tony Milner
Thai-Malaysian bilateral security relations from 1957 to 2006
Churchman, Catherine Margaret2012Dr Li Tana
Between two rivers: The Li and Lao chiefdoms from the Han to the T'ang
Clarke, Jeremy2007Dr Geremie Barmé
There's something about Mary: images and identities in Chinese Catholic communities
Cookson, Michael Benedict2008Dr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history
Batik Irian: imprints of Indonesian Papua
Corbett, Jack2012Prof Brij Lal, Pacific & Asian history
Practising politics in the Pacific islands: insider perspectives
Corris, Peter Robert1970
Passage, port and plantation: a history of Solomon Islands labour migration, 1870-1914
Creak, Simon Richard2010Dr Craig Reynolds
Body work': a history of sport and physical culture in colonial and postcolonial Laos
Curaming, Rommel A.2006Dr Craig Reynolds
When Clio meets the Titans: rethinking state-historian relations in Indonesia and the Philippines
Davies, Putu B. L.2007
Balinese history: a handful of dust?
Duensing, Dawn Elizabeth2012Prof Brij Lal, Pacific & Asian history
The view from the road: an alternate route through Hawaii's history
Garnaut, Anthony Hayden2012Dr Geremie Barmé
The Shaykh of the great northwest: the religious and political life of Ma Yuanzhang (1853-1920
Higuchi, Wakako2006
A U.S. territory in Japan's South Sea Islands: the Japanese navy administration of Guam
Hinchy, Jessica2013Prof Peter Jackson, Gender, media & cultural studies
Power, Perversion and Panic: Eunuchs, Colonialism and Modernity in North India
Hirosue, Masashi1988Prof Anthony Reid
Prophets and followers in Batak Millenarian responses to the colonial order: parmalim, na siak bagi and parhudamdam, 1890-1930
Hope, Michael2013Prof Li Narangoa, Pacific & Asian history
Sultanate or Amirate? The Routinization of Chinggisid Authority in the Early Mongol Empire and the Ilkhanate of Iran
Horesh, Niv2006Prof Mark Elvin
British banknotes in China: the Bund and beyond, 1864-1937
Howe, K. R.1973
Culture contacts on the Loyalty Islands, 1841-1895
Howes, Hilary Susan2012Dr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history
The race question in Oceania: A. B. Meyer and Otto Finsch between metropolitan theory and field experience, 1865-1914
Hsiao, Hung-Te2006
Fleet and Wall: Ming China's strategic options 1392-1449
Jacobs, Justin Matthew2012
Empire besieged: the preservation of Chinese rule in Xinjiang, 1884-1971
Jansaeng, Apiradee2010Prof Peter Jackson, Gender, media & cultural studies
Local autonomy: Chinese community in Songkhla during the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
Kaur, Arunajeet2012Prof Brij Lal, Pacific & Asian history
From independence to Hindraf: the Malaysian Indian community and the negotiation for minority right
Kawabata, Kohei2006Prof Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history
Walking my hometown: practices of everyday nationalism in contemporary Japan
Kawamura, Satofumi2012Prof Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history
Nishida Kitar?'s political philosophy: war-time Japan and the empire of governmentality
Khoo, Joo Ee1976
Chinese elements in Javanese culture during the Majapahit period
Kilcline Cody, Mary2012Prof Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history
The trial of Mrs Proudlock: law, government and society in British Malaya, 1911
Kim, Junghyoun2006
Religion and political attitudes in South Korea
Kituai, August Ibrum Kumaniari1993Prof Hank Nelson
My gun, my brother: experiences of Papua New Guinea policemen 1920 - 1960
Kusa, Julian2007Prof Peter Jackson, Gender, media & cultural studies
Crisis discourse, response, and structural contradictions in Thai Buddhism, 1990-2003
Laarhoven, Ruurdje1994Prof Anthony Reid
The power of cloth: the textile trade of the Dutch East India Company (VOC 1600-1780
Lal, Brij V.1980
Leaves of the Banyan tree: origins and background of Fiji's north Indian indentured migrants, 1879- -1916
Laracy, Hugh Michael1969
Catholic missions in the Solomon Islands, 1845-1966
Li Tana, 1992Prof Anthony Reid
The inner region': a social and economic history of Nguyen Vietnam in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
Lucas, Anton E.1980Prof Anthony Reid
The bamboo spear pierces the payung: the revolution against the bureaucratic elite in north central Java
Malhi, Amrita2010Prof Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history
Forests of Islam: territory, environment and holy war in Terengganu, Malaya, 1928
Manickam, Sandra Khor2010Dr Chris Ballard, Pacific & Asian history
Taming race: the construction of aborigines in colonial Malaya, 1783-1937
Matsuda, Hiroko2006Prof Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history
Colonial modernity across the border: Yaeyama, the Ryukyu Islands, and colonial Taiwan
Mausio, Asinate2006
Boomerangs and the Fijian dilemma: Australian aid for rural development, 1971-1987
Nanjing Luo, Xiaoxiang2006
From imperial city to cosmopolitan metropolis : culture, politics and state in late Ming
Nawiyanto, 2007Prof Robert Cribb, Pacific & Asian history
Environmental change in a frontier region of Java: Besuki, 1870-1970
Ohno, Shun2005Prof Li Narangoa, Pacific & Asian history
Shifting Nikkeijin identities and citizenships: life histories of invisible people of Japanese descent in the Philippines
Prendergast, Patricia Ann1968
A history of the London Missionary Society in British New Guinea, 1871-1901
Roe, Margriet1961
A history of south-east Papua to 1930
Steel, Frances Mary2007
Oceania under steam: maritime cultures, colonial histories 1870s-1910s
Thornley, Andrew1979
Fijian Methodism, 1874-1945: the emergence of a national church
Waiko, John1982
Be jijimo: a history according to the tradition of the Binandere people of Papua New Guinea
Ward, Vanessa Buffy2004Prof Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Pacific & Asian history
Intellectuals and publishing: communicating ideas in post-war Japan
Warren, James Francis1975Prof Anthony Reid
Trade, raid, slave: the socio-economic patterns of the Sulu zone, 1770-1898
Wei, Shuge2012Dr Tomoko Akami, Pacific & Asian history
To win the west: China's propaganda in the English-language press, 1928-1941
Winarnita, MonikaProf Kathryn Robinson, Anthropology
Dancing the nation in migration: Indonesian women in Perth WA
Wing, Patrick2007
The Jalayirids and dynastic state formation in the Mongol Ilkhanate
Winter, Christine2004
Looking after one's own: the rise of nationalism and the politics of the Neuendettelsauer Mission in Germany, New Guinea and Australia (1928-1933)
Wong, Yee Tuan2007Dr Li Tana
The rise and fall of the Big Five of Penang and their regional networks, 1800s-1900s
Woolley, Nathan Ben2010Dr Geremie Barmé
Religion and politics in the writings of Xu Xuan (917-92

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