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Publications - Taylor, McComas

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Journal articles

  • Taylor, M (2014). How to do things with Sanskrit: Speech act theory and the oral performance of sacred texts Numen. Vol. .
  • Taylor, M (2014). From web-based learning to eText learning: Teaching Sanskrit with an electronic textbook International Journal of Mobile Learning and Organisation. Vol. X 12.
  • Taylor, M (2013). Puranic Masculinities and Transgender Adventures in the Garden of the Goddess International Journal of Hindu Studies. Vol. Online (published dates tbc) online.
  • Taylor, M (2013). Stories of God: Contemporary Oral Performance of Bhagavatakatha International Journal of Hindu Studies. Vol. 17 263-288.
  • Taylor, M (2012). Rādhe, Rādhe!: Continuity and Change in the Contemporary Oral Performance of the Bhāgavatapurāṇa Religions of South Asia. Vol. 6 83-101.
  • Taylor, M (2012). Heavenly Carrots and Earthly Sticks: How Phalasruti Paratexts Empower Puranic Discourse The Journal of Hindu Studies. Vol. 5 92-111.
  • Taylor, M (2011). Village Deity and Sacred Text: Power Relations and Cultural Synthesis at an Oral Performance of the Bhāgavatapurāṇa in a Garhwal Community Asian Ethnology. Vol. 70 197-221.
  • Taylor, M (2011). Purnabhadra's Pancatantra: Jaina tales or Brahmanical outsourcing? International Journal of Jaina Studies. Vol. 7 Jan-17.
  • Taylor, M (2011). Mythology Wars: The Indian diaspora, Wendy's Children and the struggle for the Hindu past Asian Studies Review. Vol. 35 149-168.
  • Taylor, M & Beckmann, E (2009). Skilful methods can achieve what power cannot: Flexible Delivery of Sanskrit at the Australian National University as a Model for Small-enrolment Languages Electronic Journal of Foreign Language Teaching. Vol. 6 245-253.
  • Taylor, M (2008). This is the Truth - the Truth without doubt Religions of South Asia. Vol. 2 65-81.
  • Taylor, M (2008). What enables Canonical Literature to Function as True? The case of the Hindu Puranas International Journal of Hindu Studies. Vol. 12 309-328.
  • Taylor, M (2007). Perfumed by Golden Lotuses: Literary Place and textual authority in the Brahma and Bhagavatapuranas ACTA Orientalia Vilnensia. Vol. 8 69-81.


  • Taylor, M & Scotellaro, G (2014). The Joy of Sanskrit . Australia: ANU Press.
  • Taylor, M (2007). The Fall of the Indigo Jackal: The Discourse of Division and Purnabhadra's Pancatantra . Albany, NY: State University of New York Press.

Book chapters

  • Taylor, M (2012). Empowering the Sacred: The function of the Sanskrit text in a contemporary exposition of the Bhagavatapurana. In Elizabeth Minchin (Ed.), Orality, Literacy and Performance in the Ancient World (pp. 129-149) Leiden, The Netherlands: Koninklijke Brill.

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