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Publications - Reepmeyer, Christian

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Journal articles

  • Summerhayes, G, Kennedy, J, Ambrose, W et al (2014). Lepong: A New Obsidian Source in the Admiralty Islands, Papua New Guinea Journal title not found SCOPUS. Vol. 29 238-248.
  • Reepmeyer, C & Torrence, R (2014). Long-distance connections in Vanuatu: New obsidian characterisations for the Maku site, Aore Island Journal title not found SCOPUS. Vol. 49 110-116.
  • Reepmeyer, C (2014). Pigment geochemistry as chronological marker: The case of lead pigment in rock art in the Urrmarning 'Red Lily Lagoon' rock art precinct, western Arnhem Land Australian Archaeology. Vol. 78 1-Sep.
  • Clark, G & Reepmeyer, C (2014). Stone tools from the ancient Tongan state reveal prehistoric interaction centers in the Central Pacific National Academy of Sciences. Proceedings. Vol. 111 10491-10496.
  • Clark, G, Petchey, F, Hawkins, S et al (2013). Distribution and extirpation of pigs in Pacific Islands: A case study from Palau Archaeology in Oceania. Vol. 48 141-153.
  • Reepmeyer, C, Clark, G & Sheppard, P (2012). Obsidian Source Use in Tongan Prehistory: New Results and Implications Journal of Island & Coastal Archaeology. Vol. 7 255-271.
  • Clark, G & Reepmeyer, C (2012). Last millennium climate change in the occupation and abandonment of Palau's Rock Islands Archaeology in Oceania. Vol. 47 29-38.
  • Spriggs, M, Reepmeyer, C, Anggraeni, A et al (2011). Obsidian sources and distribution systems in Island Southeast Asia: a review of previous research Journal of Archaeological Science. Vol. 38 2873-2881.
  • Reepmeyer, C, O'Connor, S & Brockwell, C (2011). Long-term obsidian use at the Jerimalai rock shelter in East Timor Archaeology in Oceania. Vol. 46 85-90.
  • Reepmeyer, C, Spriggs, M, Bedford, S et al (2011). Provenance and technology of lithic artifacts from the Teouma Lapita site, Vanuatu Asian Perspectives. Vol. 49 205-225.
  • Reepmeyer, C, Spriggs, M, Anggraeni, A et al (2011). Obsidian sources and distribution systems in Island Southeast Asia: new results and implications from geochemical research using LA-ICPMS Journal of Archaeological Science. Vol. 38 2995-3005.
  • Reepmeyer, C & Clark, G (2010). Post-colonization interaction between Vanuatu and Fiji reconsidered: The re-analysis of obsidian from Lakeba Island, Fiji Archaeometry. Vol. 52 Jan-18.
  • Kononenko, N, Bedford, S & Reepmeyer, C (2010). Functional analysis of late Holocene flaked and pebble stone artefacts from Vanuatu, Southwest Pacific Archaeology in Oceania. Vol. 45 13-20.
  • Reepmeyer, C (2008). Characterising volcanic glass sources in the banks Islands, Vanuatu Archaeology in Oceania. Vol. 43 120-127.
  • Ambrose, W, Allen, C, O'Connor, S et al (2008). Possible obsidian sources for artifacts from Timor: narrowing the options using chemical data Journal of Archaeological Science. Vol. 36 607-615.

Book chapters

  • Clark, G, Reepmeyer, C & Melekiola, N (2012). The Ancient Royal Tombs of Lapaha: Community and World Heritage. In Anita Smith (Ed.), World Heritage in a Sea of Islands: Pacific 2009 Programme (pp. 74-77) Paris, France: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
  • Reepmeyer, C, Classen, E & Zimmermann, A (2011). 'Bandkeramik' stone tool production and social network analysis: a case study. In Ben Marwick amd Alex Mackay (Ed.), Keeping your Edge: Recent Approaches to the Organisation of Stone Artefact Technology (pp. 85-96) Oxford: Archaeopress.
  • Reepmeyer, C, Clark, G, Alexander, D et al (2011). Selecting cultural sites for the UNESCO World Heritage List: Recent work in the Rock Islands-Southern Lagoon area, Republic of Palau. In Jolie Liston, Geoffrey Clark and Dwight Alexander (Ed.), Pacific Island Heritage: Archaeology, Identity and Community (pp. 85-100) Canberra: ANU ePress.

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