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Publications - Morgain, Rachel

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Journal articles

  • Morgain, R (2014). Living Water: Christian Theologies and Interethnic Relations in Fiji Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, The. Vol. 15 65-84.
  • Morgain, R (2013). Book review: My God, My Land: Interwoven Paths of Christianity and Tradition in Fiji by Jacqueline Ryle Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology. Vol. 14 280-282.
  • Morgain, R (2013). Critical review essay: Ethnographic Visions of Hope and Global Change. Review of Still Life: Hopes, Desires and Satisfactions by Henrietta Moore Australian Journal of Anthropology. Vol. 24 115-120.
  • Morgain, R (2013). The alchemy of life: Magic, anthropology and human nature in a Pagan theology Australian Journal of Anthropology, The. Vol. 24 290-309.
  • Morgain, R (2012). Book review: Melissa M. Wilcox, Queer Women and Religious Individualism Pomegranate. Vol. 14 309-312.
  • Morgain, R (2012). On the use of the uncanny in ritual Religion. Vol. 42 521-548.
  • Luhrmann, T & Morgain, R (2012). Prayer as Inner Sense Cultivation: An Attentional Learning Theory of Spiritual Experience Ethos: The Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology. Vol. 40 359-389.

Book chapters

  • Morgain, R (2013). Mapping the boundaries of race in The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood. In Lindy Orthia (Ed.), Doctor Who and Race (pp. 251-267) United Kingdom and United States: Intellect Ltd.
  • Morgain, R (2013). Navigating Inspiration, Intimacy, Conflict and Sleep in a Pagan Community. In Katie Glaskin and Richard Chenhall (Ed.), Sleep Around the World: Anthropological Perspectives (pp. 151-170) New York: Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.

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