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Publications - Hung, Hsiao-chun

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Journal articles

  • Carson, M & Hung, H (2014). Semiconductor2 theory in migration: population receivers, homelands and gateways in Taiwan and Island Southeast Asia World Archaeology. Vol. 46 502-515.
  • Hung, H, Nguyen, K, Bellwood, P et al (2013). Coastal Connectivity: Long-Term Trading Networks Across the South China Sea Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology. Vol. 8 384-404.
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  • Hung, H, Carson, M, Bellwood, P et al (2011). The first settlement of Remote Oceania: the Philippines to the Marianas Antiquity. Vol. 85 909-926.
  • Hung, H, Yang, S, Nguyen, K et al (2011). Taiwan nephrite overseas and their Beinan cultural characteristics Field Archaeology of Taiwan. Vol. 15 19-40.
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  • Hung, H (2004). A sourcing study of Taiwan stone adzes Bulletin of the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association. Vol. 2 57-70.

Book chapters

  • Hung, H & Iizuka, Y (2013). The Batanes Nephrite Artefacts. In Peter Bellwood and Eusebio Dizon (Ed.), 4000 Years of Migration and Cultural Exchange: The Archaeology of the Batanes Islands, Northern Philippines (Terra Australis 40) (pp. 149-168) Canberra: ANU ePress.
  • Hung, H (2013). From Coastal Southern China to the Pacific - an update of archaeological perspectives on early Austronesian expansion. In Kwang-tzuu Chen, Cheng-hwa Tsang (Ed.), New Lights on East Asian Archaeology (pp. 279-332) Taiwan: Academia Sinica.
  • Bellwood, P & Hung, H (2013). The dispersals of early food producers from Southern China into Southeast Asia. In Yang Yaonuo (Ed.), Hemudu Culture International Forum (pp. 95-107) Beijing, China: China Modern Economic Publishing House.
  • Bellwood, P, Hung, H & lizuka, Y (2011). Taiwan Jade in the Philippines: 3,000 Years of Trade and Long-distance Interaction. In Purissima Benitez-Johannot (Ed.), Paths of Origins: The Austronesian Heritage in the Collections of the National Museum of the Philippines,the Museum Nasional Indonesia,and the Netherlands Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde (pp. 31-41) Singapore: ArtPostAsia.
  • Bellwood, P, Chambers, G, Ross, M et al (2011). Are 'Cultures' Inherited? Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Origins and Migrations of Austronesian-Speaking Peoples Prior to 1000 BC. In Benjamin W. Roberts and Marc Vander Linden (Ed.), Investigating Archaeological Cultures: Material Culture, Variability, and Transmission (pp. 321-354) New York: Springer.
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  • Hung, H (2006). The distribution and implication of Taiwan Nephrite artifacts in Southeast Asian Archaeology. In Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Ed.), Prehistoric Archaeology of South China and Southeast Asia Proceedings of the International Conference to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Excavation of Zengpiyan (pp. 324-340) Beijing: Cultural Relics Publishing House.
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  • Hung, H (2005). Cultural Interaction between Taiwan and adjacent islands. In Cheng Cheng-yu and Pan Jian-guo (Ed.), The Archaeology of Southeast Coastal Islands of China Conference (pp. 249-269) Taiwan: Council for Cultural Affairs.

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