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Publications - Hawkins, Stuart

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Journal articles

  • Kinaston, R, Buckley, H, Valentin, F et al (2014). Lapita Diet in Remote Oceania: New Stable Isotope Evidence from the 3000-Year-Old Teouma Site, Efate Island, Vanuatu PLOS ONE (Public Library of Science). Vol. 9 Jan-18.
  • Ganesh, M, Hawkins, S & Volkov, D (2014). An all-frequency weakly-singular surface integral equation for electromagnetism in dielectric media: Reformulation and well-posedness analysis Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. Vol. 412 277-300.
  • Ganesh, M & Hawkins, S (2013). A stochastic pseudospectral and T-matrix algorithm for acoustic scattering by a class of multiple particle configurations Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer. Vol. 123 41-52.
  • Clark, G, Petchey, F, Hawkins, S et al (2013). Distribution and extirpation of pigs in Pacific Islands: A case study from Palau Archaeology in Oceania. Vol. 48 141-153.
  • Ganesh, M, Hawkins, S & Hipmair, R (2012). Convergence analysis with parameter estimates for a reduced basis acoustic scattering T-matrix method IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis. Vol. 32 1348-1374.
  • Irwin, G, Worthy, T, Best, S et al (2011). Further Investigations at the Naigani Lapita site (VL 21/5), Fiji: Excavation, Radiocarbon Dating and Palaeofaunal Extinction Journal of Pacific Archaeology. Vol. 2 66-78.
  • Ganesh, M & Hawkins, S (2011). A fully discrete Galerkin method for high frequency exterior acoustic scattering in three dimensions Journal of Computational Physics. Vol. 230 104-125.
  • Ganesh, M & Hawkins, S (2011). An efficient algorithm for simulating scattering by a large number of two dimensional particles Australian and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Vol. 52 C139-C155.
  • Fuss, S, Hawkins, S & Marburg, S (2011). An eigenvalue search algorithm for the modal analysis of a resonator in free space Journal of Computational Acoustics. Vol. 19 95-109.
  • White, A, Worthy, T, Hawkins, S et al (2010). Megafaunal meiolaniid horned turtles survived until early human settlement in Vanuatu, Southwest Pacific PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Vol. 107 15512-15516.
  • Valentin, F, Buckley, H, Herrscher, E et al (2010). Lapita subsistence strategies and food consumption patterns in the community of Teouma (Efate, Vanuatu) Journal of Archaeological Science. Vol. 37 1820-1829.
  • Storey, A, Spriggs, M, Bedford, S et al (2010). Mitochondrial DNA from 3000-year old chickens at the Teouma site, Vanuatu Journal of Archaeological Science. Vol. 37 2459-2468.
  • Ganesh, M & Hawkins, S (2010). A far-field based T-matrix method for two dimensional obstacle scattering Australian and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Vol. 51 C215-C230.
  • Ganesh, M & Hawkins, S (2010). Three dimensional electromagnetic scattering T-matrix computations Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics. Vol. 234 1702-1709.
  • Ganesh, M & Hawkins, S (2009). A high-order algorithm for multiple electromagnetic scattering in three dimensions Numerical Algorithms. Vol. 50 469-510.
  • Ganesh, M & Hawkins, S (2008). A high-order tangential basis algorithm for electromagnetic scattering by curved surfaces Journal of Computational Physics. Vol. 227 4543-4562.

Book chapters

  • Hawkins, S, Gumbley, W & Campbell, M (2010). Late 19th Century colonial bird exploitation at Ruland Street,Wanganui, New Zealand. In W Prummel, Jorn t Zeiler and Dick C Brinkhuizen (Ed.), Birds in Archaeology (pp. 141-149) Groningen: Barkhuis.

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