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Publications - Hassall, Timothy

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Journal articles

  • Hassall, T (2014). Individual Variation in L2 Study-Abroad Outcomes: A Case Study from Indonesian Pragmatics Multilingua - Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication. Vol. 2014 .
  • Hassall, T (2014). Knowledge or control? A comment on Lundell and Erman (2012) Journal of Pragmatics. Vol. 68 73-76.
  • Hassall, T (2013). Beyond strategy choice: A reply to Al-Gahtani and Roever Applied Linguistics. Vol. 34 501-506.
  • Hassall, T (2013). Pragmatic development during short-term study abroad: The case of address terms in Indonesian Journal of Pragmatics. Vol. 55 Jan-17.
  • Hassall, T (2012). Sociopragmatics is slower: a reply to Chang Language Sciences. Vol. 34 376-380.
  • Hassall, T, Titk Murtisari, E, Donnelly, C et al (2008). Attitudes to Western Loanwords in Indonesia International Journal of the sociology of language. Vol. 189 55-84.
  • Hassall, T (2004). Through a glass, darkly: When learner pragmatics is misconstrued Journal of Pragmatics. Vol. 36 997-1002.
  • Hassall, T (2003). Requests by Australian learners of Indonesian Journal of Pragmatics. Vol. 35 1903-1928.
  • Hassall, T (2001). Do Learners Thank Too Much in Indonesian? Australian Review of Applied Linguistics (print edition). Vol. 24 97-112.
  • Hassall, T (2001). Modifying requests in a second language IRAL International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching. Vol. 39 259-283.
  • Hassall, T (1999). Request strategies in Indonesian Pragmatics. Vol. 9 586-606.

Book chapters

  • Hassall, T (2012). Acquiring Address Terms in Indonesian: A Diary Study. In Christina Gitsaki and Richard B. Baldauf Jr. (Ed.), Future Directions in Applied Linguistics: Local and Global Perspectives (pp. 218-233) Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Hassall, T (2012). Request modification by Australian learners of Indonesian. In Maria Economidou-Kogetsidis and Helen Woodfield (Ed.), Interlanguage Request Modification (pp. 203-242) Amersterdam, Netherlands, and Philadelphia, PA: John Benjamins Publishing Company.
  • Hassall, T (2010). Fungsi dan status kata pinjaman Barat (Functions and Status of Western Loanwords). In Mikihiro Moriyama and Manneke Budiman (Ed.), Geliat Bahasa Selaras Zaman:Perubahan Bahasa-bahasa di Indonesia Pasca-Orde baru (How Language Changes in Harmony with the Times) (pp. 123-151) Tokyo: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
  • Hassall, T (2008). Pragmatic Performance: What are Learners Thinking?. In Eva Alcon Soler and Alicia Martinez-Flor (Ed.), Investigating Pragmatics in Foreign Language Learning, Teaching and Testing (pp. 72-93) Bristol, England: Multilingual Matters Ltd.
  • Hassall, T (2006). Learning to Take Leave in Social Conversations: A Diary Study. In Margaret A. DuFon and Eton Churchill (Ed.), Language Learners in Study Abroad Contexts (pp. 31-58) Great Britain: Multilingual Matters Ltd.

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