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Publications - Black, Shameem

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Journal articles

  • Black, S (2013). Fictions of Humanitarian Responsibility: Narrating Microfinance Journal of Human Rights. Vol. 12 103-120.
  • Black, S (2013). White and Indian? Intermarriage and narrative authority in South Asian American fiction South Asia-Journal of South Asia Studies. Vol. 36 134-148.
  • Black, S (2012). Multiple Voices:Indian literature, world literature East Asia Forum Quarterly (EAFQ). Vol. 4 31-32.
  • Black, S (2011). Humanitarian Sex: Biopolitics, Ethics, and Aid Worker Memoir Australian Literary Studies (ALS). Vol. 26 43-56.
  • Black, S (2011). Commemoration from a Distance: On Metamemorial Fiction History and Memory. Vol. 23 40-65.
  • Black, S (2011). Truth Commission Thrillers Social Text. Vol. 29 47-66.
  • Black, S (2010). Recipes for Cosmopolitanism; Cooking across Borders in the South Asian Diaspora Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies. Vol. 31 Jan-30.
  • Black, S (2009). Ishiguro's Inhuman Aesthetics Modern Fiction Studies. Vol. 55 785-807.
  • Black, S (2009). Fictions of Rebuilding: Reconstruction in Ivan Vladislavic's South Africa Ariel. Vol. 39 May-30.
  • Black, S (2009). Microloans and Micronarratives: Sentiment for a Small World Public Culture. Vol. 21 269-292.
  • Black, S (2006). Cosmopolitanism at Home: Amitav Ghosh's The Shadow Lines Journal of Commonwealth Literature. Vol. 41 45-65.
  • Black, S (2005). Book Review: Maxine Hong Kingston's Broken Book of Life: An Intertextual Study of The Woman Warrior and China Men Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature. Vol. 24 345-346.
  • Black, S (2004). Fertile Cosmofeminism: Ruth L. Ozeki and Transnational Reproduction Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism. Vol. 5 226-256.
  • Black, S (2003). Homoerotics of Influence: Eudora Welty Romances Virginia Woolf - needs publication Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature. Vol. 22 149-171.


  • Black, S (2010). Fiction Across Borders: Imagining the Lives of Others in Late Twentieth-Century Novels . Columbia USA: Columbia University Press.

Book chapters

  • Black, S (2008). Cosmopolitanism at Home: Amitav Ghosh's The Shadow Lines. In Murari Prasad (Ed.), Amitav Ghosh's The Shadow Lines: A Critical Companion (pp. 141-160) New Delhi: Pencraft International.
  • Black, S (2006). In Search of Global Books: Unwriting Orientalism in The Fifth Book of Peace. In Jennie Wang (Ed.), Querying the Genealogy: Comparative and Transnational Studies in Chinese American Literature (pp. 277-285) Shanghai: Shanghai Translation Press.

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