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Publications - Archaeology & natural history

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Bedford, StuartPacific archaeology, relating primarily to origins, cultural transformation and change, social interaction, environmental impact and human responses to natural disasters. Archaeologies of Empire, Colonialism and Contact.
Brockwell, SallyArchaeology of northern Australia and Island South East Asia
Calo, Ambra
Clark, GeoffreyNeolithic colonization of Oceania, especially of western Micronesia and Lapita occupation of the Central Pacific. A current large project investigates the Tongan maritime empire and its expansion to east Fiji and Samoa with archaeology, traditional history and geophysical techniques. I have research interests in monumental architecture, zooarchaeology and historical archaeology with ongoing projects in each of these areas.
Fenner, JackIsotope ratio analysis for archaeology and environmental reconstruction; Asia, Pacific, and North American prehistory; Faunal analysis; Human behavioral ecology; Quantitative methods in archaeology; GIS and computer applications; Human universals
Haberle, SimonSoutheast Asia, Melanesia and Pacific Islands; Historical Ecology; Palynology; Palaeoclimatology; Fire History.
Hawkins, StuartHuman impact and subsistence change: The terrestrial ecology in Vanuatu prehistory (Chair of panel: Dr Stuart Bedford)
Hung, Hsiao-chunIsland Southeast Asia
Levitus, Robert
Louys, Julien
O'Connor, SusanAustralian and Southeast Asian archaeology, Pleistocene colonisation of Island Southeast Asia and Australia by modern humans and the links between these regions, change and continuity across the boundary of the Neolithic transition in Island Southeast Asia, human impacts on the environment.
Prebble, Matthew
Reepmeyer, ChristianGeochemistry of archaeological materials (particularly obsidian and other igneous rocks). Economic and exchange theory, theoretical ecology and HBE, theory of value. Paleoenviromental impacts on colonisation and cultural change in the Western and Central Pacific. International cultural heritage management.
Stevenson, JanelleSoutheast Asia, Pacific Islands; palynology; environmental change; fire histories; historical ecology; palaeoclimatology; detection of crop plants.

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