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The Australian National University

East Asian studies

The Department of East Asian Studies engages with the civilizations of China, Japan, Korea, and Mongolia through their local languages. It is the nerve-centre for undergraduate instruction in those languages at the Australian National University. The Department's commitment to fostering and promoting a rigorous understanding of East Asian languages complements teaching and research done across the College of Asia and the Pacific. Undergraduate and postgraduate training offered within the Department further aims to apply the study of language to a close practical and theoretical examination of the traditions of the East Asian region and their contemporary developments. The particular interests of members of the Department include literature, linguistics, history, philosophy, popular culture, and modern social studies.

The Department's teaching and research agendas are supplemented in a number of ways. The Menzies Library has extensive holdings on East Asia and in East Asian languages; it contains a number of rare collections relating to the region. The China Institute, Japan Institute, and Korea Institute have vibrant offerings of lectures and seminars, cultural events, and social activities. Student-run clubs, supported by the Department, are another important venue for exploring shared intellectual and cultural interests. In addition to the resources offered in Canberra, our undergraduate students are encouraged to spend time in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Our graduate students also have rich opportunities to conduct fieldwork in the countries of their particular interest. These in-country programs underpin the Department's central commitment to exploring East Asian cultures through their languages.

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